“I rhyme with no parental advisory labels but you can’t tell, now how that sell with no gangster in him sit back relax and just listen to my vision”. A line from his mix tape “Archangel Vol. 1 that explains everything you need to know about Sonrize the highly driven Hip-Hop recording artist from West Palm Beach, Fl. The name Sonrize can be defined as the dawn of a new day. He was born and raised in South Florida, but his musical influences come from all over the globe. He grew up listening to a wide variety of artists ranging from The Temptations and Michael Jackson to Wu-Tang and A Tribe Called Quest and even Cab Calloway among many others. He studies music of all genres on a daily basis always growing and improving to create the best music possible. He doesn’t like to carry labels for his genre. When asked what kind of music he represents he replies “Good Music”. His musical goal is to be able to reach people from today’s youth to the older generations and from gangster to gospel with overall “Good Music”. He also doesn’t stop with just performing either; His writing, production, and engineering skills make him a well-rounded artist. He has performed at many events including the South Florida Fair and Annually at The Anquan Boldin Charity Foundation Q-Fest event. It’s not hard to see that Sonrize is a rising star. 

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