Name: Adrianna Harris

Bio: I am a Fine Arts major taking a break to model here and there! I'm black and white and have 12 tattoos throughout my body. Super friendly and professional but a total dork from time to time. I love drawing, playing video games & going to the movies the most in my free time.

DOB: 12/30/91

Height: 5'4

Ethnicity: Mixed (Black & White)

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black

Measurements: 34-26-34

Likes: EDM (Electronic Dance Music), the beach, art, tattoos, 5 o'clock shadows, trying something new, video games,

my cats (:

Dislikes: The snow & driving in it, negative nancy's, and people who judge without experience

Accreditations: Ms Bombshell Magazine, Denver

Contact Info:


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