Blaze Hunter is the only artist I know that makes me want to curse. lol. Every time I see Blaze hit the stage, the First thing he says is Syxx E-N-T. and without hesitation everybody in the audience screams "B*%h I Got Em'". Blaze is the next level of music; Artist, Producer, Songwriter, and very versatile in all categories. There are very few artists that are strong in all facets of music but Blaze fits comfortably into that class. Blaze is a superstar, and is on a pace to make the entire world take notice very soon! And Now... The Interview

1. For those that don't know, who is Blaze Hunter in your own words?

Blaze Hunter is the IT factor that entertainment is missing. I am that one thing that fits in ANYWHERE. You could fit me in the urban crown, pop crowd, young crowd, old crowd, rock, country, and even Christian crowd. It's a personality that is easily loved by all. That's Blaze Hunter.

2. It seems like every artist nowadays has their own label. What makes yours stand out from the pack? And who are the artists under your label?

My label is Straiht Hitz Records. What makes my label different from the rest of the independent labels is that I am not going to go to the predictable approach. I plan in going against the grain of what everyone else is doing. The artist under my label is also the co owner of my label Ka$per, and the beautiful and talented AnomaLee. 

3. How did you know rap was something that you wanted to do?

When I was 16 I wrote a rap for fun to a song written by a friend titled, "Mrs. Hollywood" and everyone thought it was good so I was entered into a non profit music program called Fice/a (Florida Institute of Cultural Entertainment & Arts) and I learned a few things about the business. At 1st it was a hobby. Then a friend of my moms, had a family member in the hospital in a coma. I wrote a song for her and within a few days of them playing my song for her she woke up and told me the song helped her get through it. From then on I realized music could effect lives so at that moment I knew I was going to be a rapper. 

4. Who are the top 5 artists in your current music playlist?

I really don't listen to a lot of radio but artists that I keep on repeat... 1) Blaze Hunter 2) Rob Croft 3) MaMi 4) King Nyne 5) Ka$per. These artists are artists I work with and I feel their music is the future. Really don't enjoy industry right now. 

5. What do you enjoy more headlining or  being behind the music?

I enjoy being on stage more than anything. The relationship I have with any live audience is special. Headlining is definitely my passion more than anything. 

6. What is the hottest track you have ever produced?

That is hard. I can't answer this question because I have tons of over the top HOT tracks. I really can't choose. If I had to say, "Put It In Ya Lyfe". The beat, the song, the lyrics, it is a timeless record and I truly believe it's a masterpiece. 

7. Is there anyone you wish you could collab with as an artist or as a producer?

I want to work with Timbaland. The man is a production beast and I know our brains on the same project could only result in a game changing hit. 

8. What can we look forward to seeing from Blaze Hunter in the next couple of years?

3 albums, a lot of music videos, TV show and reality show. A lot of things that are currently in the works. 

9. What is your take on the current state of hip hop now as opposed to the hip hop of the early 90's?

We are now in the "Stoner Age". Music ain't what it used to be. I'm not saying there ain't talent out there because there is a lot of it . It's just the content is getting morally corrupted every day. It's sad. 

10. What words of advice do you have for artists trying to come up in the music industry? 

Be yourself, be original, be consistent, take risks, and most of all, have fun. Don't be a part of the movement, start your own. 

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