Has Hip Hop Gone Gay? (1.22.13)

Posted by Comedian Kirby on Monday, March 25, 2013 Under: Hip-Hop

Ok seriously, like what the hell is going on? Everyday that I turn on my TV, and log onto these blogs, i’m seeing something a little fishy going on with these so called gangster rappers. I’m glad the baggy clothe era is gone, but geesh, I will take baggy clothes over men wearing skirts anyday. What is going on with Hip Hop? You can’t rap about getting bitches in your song, if all you’re going to do is turn around and look like one.
We all remember this crap. Look at how he got his ass tooted up in the air, and his lips poked out. He must be blowing a kiss to Drake.
Just look at this picture. I mean dammit Drake, what the hell are you doing son?
And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Soulja Boy comes and tops him. Is that a Bubble Jacket with no sleeves. Where the hell did he find a bubble jacket in the summer from?
New comer A$ap Rocky should know better. You’ve only been in the game for a year, and they got you wearing dresses already?
Wiz Khalifa has one of the baddest chicks in the game. Keep it up, and he’s going to lose her. I’m starting to think that Amber Rose may be a lesbian, because all of the men she dates are sweet looking. Remember Kanye West?
I feel you Kim. Keep your head down so that you don’t have to see that your man is wearing shorter shorts than you are. Are those pink sneakers?
This is it. I can’t take anymore. We let you wear the curls Snoop, but the french manicure. Snoop is a veteran in the game, and he should be setting a better example.What in the world would make him want to go and do this? Snoop is looking like a gay crackhead in this picture.

What’s really going on people? I hope I shed some light on this subject. While you guys are busy trying to be like your favorite rappers and have swag, they are busy trying to be women. So I ask again, has Hip Hop gone gay?

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