Trinidad James Straightens His Hair…Why Lord? (4.29.13)

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Yuck! There are so many things that I find absolutely disturbing about this picture. What is it with Hip Hop that makes all of the males become feminine? Trinidad James is the latest victim in this foolery. Now, i’m not trying to be mean, but James was already and ugly man, and now he’s an even uglier woman. With his hair styled this way that exactly what he is. Trinidad James is now a woman. I’m going to start calling him Trina James. Whose bright idea was it to have this mans hair straightend?

Is it me or do these two look alike? Doesn’t James favor Antoine Dodson? They both look a hot ass mess. As a fan of Hip Hop I have to admit, I am very upset. I think soon enough i’m just going to give up on the entire genre completely. Why should I have to listen about these men claiming to fuck a bunch of Hoes when they all look like Hoes? I seriously can’t deal anymore.

About a month ago photos of James and his dirty underwear surfaced. Some people thought it was shit, and my friend said she thinks it’s blood. You know for years they have been saying on order to get a record deal, one must give up their ass first. With the recent way that James has been looking lately, I’m starting to believe it’s true. Did James give up that ass? You know what, I don’t even want to know.

I seriously thought this face was hideous enough to see, but with his recent change in hair style’s, I much rather look at this ugly mug than to look at him with his hair straightened like a girl. If you are a Hip Hop artist, please do not follow these BS trends. This is not swag. This is some straight up fuckery. Trindad JAmes if you are reading this, which you probably are not, just go back to being regular ugly. This here is on a whole nother level.

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