What Rappers Pray About (2.27.13)

Posted by Comedian Kirby on Monday, March 25, 2013 Under: Hip-Hop

Dear God,

Please let me get a deal. I promise not to join The Illuminati. I swear I’m special and have something to offer the world. I listen to Tupac everyday, and I feel like I’m the next one. I’m not just another one of these rappers out here making dance music. What I got to say is real. I’m out here writing these real rhymes, and keeping it 100 all day everyday.

Lord, I be in the studio all the time making these hits for the word to hear. I just need them to hear me though. I grind so hard. Nobody is grinding harder than me. When is it going to be my time? I’m tired of rapping about Bugatti's, when I don’t even have a car.

God if you let me get a record deal, I promise to make you happy. I want to buy my mama a house. I’m tired of her working two jobs. I’m tired of only being able to eat if I have food stamps. I be on Facebook and Twitter trying to promote myself, but people think I’m just another rapper.

So Dear Lord, I’m asking you today, please bless me with a record deal. I promise you wont regret it. When people hear what I got to say, they’re going to love me. Amen.

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