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Tina Stevens Hip hop has reached its highest peak it is everywhere on commercials, sporting events, TV shows, and movies. It doesn't matter your nationality upbringing or background everybody knows at least one hip hop song nowadays. Hip hop means something different to everybody in the world but to me it's the freedom of expression it allows me to show who I am it relates to what I'm going through . When I listen to the radio today it discourages me greatly. What exactly are we teaching our children? What are we telling them is OK? When I was a child artist made two different versions of their singles one explicit and one radio version. Today's lyrics leave absolutely nothing to the imagination then we wonder why the average 6th grade kid is sexually active or why the dropout rate is so high. In a time when both parents work in most households children are often left to entertain themselves and this is what we're feeding them songs about dope dealing, head, and Molly's. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that the artist that Iistened to as a kid didn't discuss the same thing, they just hid it better. There is something but I will go back as an adult and hear again and say oh snap I didn't even realize that he said that I didn't understand it then, but there is no hidden lyrics in "just cuz you dance on a poll that don't make you a hoe". With hip hop being as powerful as it is at the moment we as a community should demand more of it it's at its most influential peak. They say artists make what people buy well stop buying this crap. Stop supporting these artists that are saying absolutely nothing. "You ain't worried bout nothing" well maybe you should be. Stop turning on your radio, stop turning on 106 and park demand more from these artists! Imagine what our kids kids are going to be like if we continue down this path. Each one of us can make a difference its up to you.


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