Nowadays you can't say Southern, Fla. without mentioning Eric Biddines. As one of the artists leading the charge for the South Florida hip hop movement he separates himself from the pack with style of his own and his planetcoffeebean state of mind which by his definition means an alternative way of life.  He is not afraid to venture off into uncharted territories of music while focusing on the complete fan experience. Eric Biddines is an artist's artist. He is passionate about his craft and his presentation, and he was probably voted most likely to star in a coffee commercial. Point blank period, Eric Biddines is pegged to soon be a household name. And now... The Interview

How did the planetcoffeebean movement evolve into a group/label?

Well at this point it is still in development, far as what it is and will be. Not a label or group in my opinion. I'm very conscious about not over thinking my creations. So to answer your question I don't know how it evolved and I don't know what it will become. I have some ideas & they will all be different to keep the viewers guessing what planetcoffeebean is.

What's in the works for Eric Biddines and planetcoffeebean?

I want to make Eric Biddines and the PLCFBN (planetcoffeebean) to grow into the best experience ever. Far as what we do and create. Places we go, the interaction. Thats an advantage I have right now at my level. I can be really hands on with  how my audience experience me. Shout out to my manager T-Green, Nick & Nigel "2LiveTwins" Reynolds, Tony K and Blaine.

Who are the top 5 artists in your music playlist currently?

Top 5 right now, Big Krit, Eric Biddines, Lauryn Hill, Angus and Julia Stone & Selah Sue. I listen to very  little rap these days.

Do you ever look back and wish you were still working with your 2slabz partner?

I love what 2slabz was for me but... The person I am and was eventually gonna grow into. We were bound to seperate. I do wish we continued, the 2slabz fans might have got more and not have been left unsatisfied. But I'm happy doing 100%, in groups you have a lot of compromising

Your style is very different from the dumbed down music that is currently popular in the industry. Do you feel to a certain extent that you will have to dumb down your music to be mainstream or reach that next level?

Yeah I think the industry is built so fast paced that you need to have a more easily digested sound. My sound calls for thinking, but I've found a way to make it easy listening with melodies etc., and thanks to the acceptance of Southern, FLA I can do a little more.

You've said in previous interviews that you like to give complete visual creative control over to your video directors. Was there ever anything that you could just not get on board with?

I could never get  bored with creating music. I know in the future or when people say they are tired of my sound, I will be doing other things. Music is my primary title. I personally respect other crafts. I find it insulting just because you have the power to direct your video, do your graphics, and produce your beats that you can do it all just for the sake of saying you did it. It don't make you seem like more of a boss. I love to work with people and see what they get out of my work. I'm always excited to get a treatment from a director and he tell me this is what my lyrics said to him. Same with producers. I want to be a brand that the ARTS want to one day work with.

What is your favorite element of hip hop? (The performance, Creative Process, etc.)

I would go with the etc. and say feedback. There's nothing like feedback, negative or positive. I love reactions just as much as the creation. At the end of the day its what I create for. The person reading this. Second would be creation.

In such a cut throat industry as music can be, what motivates you to keep going?''

Feedback motivates me. My ideas. The people that are around me investing their time and energy. I love my team and supporters and no lie I'm not exaggerating, almost daily the fan base is growing. 2012 marked a transition for me.

What is the most interesting fan experience you have ever had?
I had a girl come all the way down from Daytona to see me perform in Ft. Lauderdale, and this one girl sucked my finger while I was performing on stage.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other up and coming artists or people trying to break into the industry?
Do You! Take advantage of having freedom. Utilize all of these resources and engage with these fans as much as possible now. It will come a time when you're too big for that. Keep motivating people around you, if you have a friend that is not motivated its your job to motivate them. If you are doing this for the money STOP now and fill out a application at Wal-Mart, you get better benefits and a uniform that saves you money on clothes.

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