I got message in my Linkedin inbox from Hannah promoting her new book. The message gave a brief synopsis of book, and after reading it I not only wanted to read the book, but I also wanted to interview her. This book has a powerful message that is very relevant in today's society. I think this would make a great movie too. Make sure you up your awareness and go support this author and this book. And Now... The Interview.

How Long have you been writing?
I have been a serious writer for over four years. Before that I would write sporadically. I would write short stories or journal the personal struggles I was going through.

Without giving away too much what is the book about?
The book is about a young girl named Ebony Starks. She's 15  years old and was tormented and abused by her parents, a world renowned entertainer named Desmond Waltz, and a manipulative controlling mother, Sharlette.

Where do you draw your inspiration from in your writing process?
My inspirations come from my love for being able to exercise my thoughts without any inhibition, and being inspired by other authors

What is the easiest/hardest thing about writing a novel?
Procrastination. I think it's the Devil

What made you want to be an author?
loving fiction, having a way with words, and personal experiences ignited my passion to become an author.

Customary to the site I have to ask... who are the top 3 artists in your music playlist?
Jackie Wilson, Bobby Womack, Tupac, and sometimes Lloyd.

If you could turn your book into a movie, who would star in it?
Good Question. Kimberly Elise would star as Ebony because she looks young for her age and she's a great actress. Samuel L. Jackson would play the mean father and Viola Davis or Angela Bassette would play the mother.

Do you get writer's block and if so do you have any tips on overcoming writer's block?
When I experience writer's block, I either continue writing or just ruminate on some ideas. I just like going with the flow.
Personally do you prefer eBooks or paperbacks?
Either one is fine.

Is there anything you want the readers to know about you or the book that they may not know?
I want them to know that the main character has been through far worse than precious and she's also a fighter.

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