Name: Kinsey Gandel

Bio: I am working hard to make a name for myself in this crazy business. I am an enthusiastic, loving, and driven model.

DOB:  6/20/95

Height: 5'0

Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

Location: Dallas, TX.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Measurements: 32C-24-32

Likes: Dogs, Running, Family, Sunshine, Breakfast and Laughter

Dislikes: Mushrooms

Contact Info:

Promotional Modeling                                         Macy's                                                                    Dallas, TX.
Freeze Modeling                                                    SHASA                                                                   Dallas, TX.
Promotional Modeling                                         SHASA                                                                   Dallas, TX.
Commercial/Print/Promotional Modeling      Conan O'Brien Concert                                      Dallas, TX.
Commercial/Promotional Modeling                 CokeZero March Madnes Music Festival        Dallas, TX.
Print/Fashion Modeling                                      MayoChix                                                               Mckinney, TX.


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