Name: Lauma

Bio: I was born in Latvia. I work as a hairdresser and a part time model. I have been a lot on the other side of the camera but after a few photographers asked me to pose for them I discovered that this is one of the things I really enjoy in my life. I'm free spirited and a really open minded person.   

DOB: 3/24/92

Height: 5'9

Ethnicity: Latvian

Location: South East London

Eye Color: Blue/Gray

Hair Color: Dark Brown/Blue

Measurements: 33/27/36

Likes: I love to travel and meet new people, spend time with my friends and do the weirdest sh^t you can imagine (sorry for my language). I like open minded people (probably that's the reason why I'm still in London).

Dislikes: I really dislike rude people. Whats the point of being rude or aggressive if a nice personality can get you way more further than an argument. 


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