Name: Michelle Elizabeth

Bio: I am a Canadian, who dislikes winter but still admires her country. I started modeling a year ago and I have really been pushing hard to achieve my goal of some day being a super well known glamour model. I have been featured on Maxims website and I am currently waiting on a few publications to be finalized. I enjoy having my picture taken and I find it relaxing because in front of a camera I feel like myself and the stress or anything else in my life disappears, being in front of a camera is my zone and something I love with a passion.

DOB:  11/25/91

Height: 5'2

Ethnicity: Swedish and Canadian

Location: Ontario, Canada

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Currently a Blonde

Measurements: 32- 24 -24

Likes: Miley Cyrus and Cats. As well as binge eating at Mcdonalds

Dislikes: Bad breathe and bad dates, or just people who are judgemental


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