Name: Shade Joseph (Divaa)

Bio: My goal is to be able to inspire young females and males who never knew where they wanted to be in life. I never thought a model is where I would've ended up being. Being young you may have so many goals and ideal dream jobs that you want to pursue when you get older. Some may not know the right direction but me I'm a product of that. I want to share my story as to when I was lost as a child but found my inspiration and accomplished everything that I wanted to do and be by the age of 21. 

DOB: 6/29/93

Height: 5'5

Ethnicity: African American

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Measurements: 34-24-32

Likes: to cook, listen to music, write poetry

Dislikes: unprofessionals and lack of communication

Contact Info:


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