I had a chance to talk with singer/songwriter and producer Somong fresh off his collaboration with The Inc. recording artist Jarule on Ja's latest album "PIL2" on the track titled "Drown" and his collaboration with Bad Boy recording artist Red Cafe on his latest mixtape "American Psycho" with the track "No Competition". I was inspired a few minutes into talking with him. He is a very intelligent and well-rounded artist. His new video "AM to PM" is set for release Feb. 1st on Youtube and will be featured here also. And Now... The Interview.

For the people that don't know you what is your background?

South Korean-Bahamian-African-American.

How would you describe your sound?

Depends on which genre. The R&B is smooth, sexy, soul. The Pop is energy, edge, and fun.

What do you want the readers to know about So as an artist and as a person?

I'm just like you, we are similar in many ways and that's my belief.

What or who motivates you?

My family and fans.

You had three label opportunities in six years. What happened with them?

If I missed those opportunities I wouldn't have the experiences and network today. Definitely helped me mature and progress. 

What is your favorite song to sing in the car or shower?

Prob a good ole fashion church hymn.

If I was to turn on your iPod right now what artists would I see on your recently played list?

R&B, Pop, Gospel, Jazz, World Classic, Reggae, Hip-Hop, so many. My iPod needs another iPod to help it hold all the music I've collected.

You have met a number of artists from Jarule to Rick Ross. Do you get nervous or starstruck? Who do you think ,  if you met would leave you star struck if anyone?

Things move so fast, it's not always easy to get starstruck or nervous. They were all cool peeps that you could learn from as well so that also helped.

What does the future hold for So?

I believe it holds everything. I just have to progress into it and be ready for it.

What's one word of advice you would give to aspiring artists?

I'll tell them the same thing a good friend told me. "If you don't quit, it's only a matter of time. Because you got the skills."

Click HERE to check out So on Jarule's "PIL2" album
Click HERE to check out So on Red Cafe's "American Psycho" Mixtape

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